‘The Nautilus’ gets the Puncturesafe treatment

As featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Classic Scooterist, Puncturesafe is a liquid that when inserted into your inner tube (or tubeless tyre) can help prevent the tyre deflating in the event of a puncture.

Philip Steele liked the sound of this and took them up on their discount offer of £23 delivered (normally £28) for a kit that should do 3 or 4 scooter tyres.

To install, first the tyre is deflated and then the tube valve is un-screwed and removed using the supplied tool. When doing the rear tyre don’t forget to support the engine using an engine stand or something suitable.

The bottle is then attached to the tube using the supplied tubing. Using the measure marks on the bottle the correct amount of liquid is then squeezed into the tyre tube.

To finish off, screw the valve back in and inflate. Easy!

To get hold of some Puncturesafe ring 01395 233951 and mention the Classic Scooterist article to take advantage of the discount offer. For more info see the Puncturesafe website (http://www.puncturesafe.com/home1.htm).

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