King’s Hall Bike Show 10-12 Feb

As you should be aware, we will again be exhibiting at this year’s bike show at the King’s Hall: details as below:Fri 10 Feb/12 2-5pm
Sat 11 Feb 10-5pm
Sun 12 Feb 10-5pm

We really need scooters and volunteers to build on last year’s effort,
not to mention giving the UVC a run for their money!

Set-up time is from 7pm on the Thurs evg and all help is much appreciated.

Please post your interest on the ULC forum using the link below and advise which scoot/scoots and or other display material you can provide.

We also need volunteers to man ( or woman) the stand.

For those who’ve been before they will know its a good way to kickstart the season and see all the old faces coming out of their winter hibernation.

The ULC stand will be in the same location as previously, ie upstairs in the right hand corner above the main entrance.

Avanti ULC Lambrettisti!

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