PunctureSafe (update)

A cautionary tale.

Following a splendid time at the AGM in Portballintrae, topped off with a cracking ride down the Antrim coast on the Sunday morning with Toot, Glenda, Connor and John .T, I had the unpleasant experience of a rear wheel blow at top speed in the middle lane of the M2/M5.

Fortunately the “Nautilus” and I remained upright which I put down to PunctureSafe.

This is a product which is inserted into the tubes (as you may have seen on the earlier ULC website post here) as a preventive measure against punctures and in particular immediate blow-outs.

From the images (click to enlarge) you can see the scale of the tyre failure and the fact that the blow-out was controlled , providing a few extra vital seconds to slow down and maintain control, is testamount to the superb effects of PunctureSafe.

While there are no doubt other decent products out there, I have found Puncturesafe to be easy to apply and in my case possibly lifesaving.

I would also recommend we all regularly inspect tyre condition, pressures and wheel nuts, and if in doubt on a journey stop immediately and double-check all is well.

Ride safe.

Philip Steele

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