During the early sixties the scooters popularity was soaring, throughout europe the preferred mode of transport for all those ‘young & hip’ was the motorscooter, most popular being the Lambretta and Vespa.

Across the UK and Ireland many clubs were being formed, both locally and nationaly. Steming from this interest was a group of enthusiasts all with a common interest in scooters, more importantly, the Lambretta.

This came in the early months of 1958 with the official formation of The First Ulster Lambretta Club, with organised rallies, runs and competitions, it wasn’t long before membership began to swell in numbers.

Through the 50′s 60′s and 70′s the First Ulster Lambretta Club had a good representation both in Ireland and the UK mainland, which gave it the foundations of a great club.


Preparations for the summer and the prospect of covering
2500+ miles of navigation trials, treasure hunts and rallies.

The local newspapers always ensured the club kept a high profile.

Download the full article (3mb pdf) as featured in ‘CITYWEEK’ 23 April 1965

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